Monday, February 04, 2008

Defragmented notes

A while ago Jo berated me, and rightly so, for not writing the actual blog posts I'd headlined here

So, by request, and because I know there's no chance of me actually writing all of them properly, here they are in reduced form.

Under 9s football

This was my favourite. My eldest plays football for a team and a couple of weeks ago they were in the middle of a match with a quite colourful referee. One of the parents is a huge pain in the arse. He's got a great little kid who's quite talented as a winger but the daddy is quite pushy and harsh about his son. Yells at him a lot during the game. Rich too. They're kids for crying out loud.

Now don't get me wrong, there should always be a bit of constructive banter going on but this guy comes down on his kid like a ton of bricks for even the slightest mistake. My tack has always been positive reinforcement. Say nice things when mine does well, commiserate when he doesn't. They're only kids.

So, yelling dad is on his usual rant to his little guy, starts a bit of "Go on (insert team name) here"!!!! Will ya put a bit of effort in or you're going to get hammered" etc etc for good measure. Referee goes over to him, tells him to lay off and that if he doesn't, he'll kick him out of the park personally. Not a word out of him after. I've been waiting for this for a year.

Out of his face

Not too sure about this. Think it was an overheard conversation on a bus about college kids bragging about how out of it they get. Probably would have been crap and preachy.

Late bus, school run

Just how I'd noticed that if I take the later bus into work, I hit the school run. And how I hated it because I notice all the parents bringing their lovely kids to school. Something I don't get to do anymore. Probably would have been self pitying so best left too.

My hat

I have now lost three wolly hats in the last 8 weeks. One on the bus, one in an airport, one into thin air!! I can't keep them for love nor money. Probably only of interest to me.

Light patterns on your retinas

May have been pissed when I wrote this down.

Separated fathers everywhere

See "Late Bus, School Run" above. When you become one you just notice them everywhere. Coffee shops, shopping centres, trains, play areas in park. Again self pitying so out.

Kids and coffee

They drink a lot of it these days. Just head into any coffe shop ealry in the morning and count the uniforms. Again, boring.

See? I may have been right in the first place.


  1. I think kids and coffee is a real issue, tbh! I hate the whole coffee culture that's come here from the States - all that 'Don't talk to me til I have my coffee, I can't function without my coffee' shit. Why is it so cool to have a run of the mill caffeine addiction? It's so affected!

    And now you see people with the giant thermos cups in their cars. Fuck off!

    The idea that we've spread this pretentious and unnecessary habit on to teenagers is just appalling. That's what we need - school kids hepped up on coffee. IS there a silver lining? Will we see a drop in the teen pregnancy stats through caffeine induced miscarriage?

    Ok, sorry, that's going too far - but like Paul whatsit from BellX1 said whne Starbucks opened, 'Come on, folks, what's wrong with a good old Irish cup of tea?'

    God, I'm very grumpy these days.

    I fear the shorthand multiple post may catch on... the end of posting as we know it is nigh...

  2. I suppose its better than drugs etc, but it is very ponsy. It's funny that coffee is so cool. I'm not part of it myself cause I can't drink coffee without going insane. What's also funny is that coffee came from Yemen but was massive in Britain a century before tea took over as top drink. There were thousands of coffee shops in London, all very influential - I read this in a pop-history book about drink.

  3. There was part of me though that was thinking "well, they're better off than causing troble out on the streets now"

    I'll go shuffle off into the corner now.