Monday, February 04, 2008

First 49£ passing of an old post as a new one. First time round was in low traffic time and didn't get enough attention to satisfy me so I'm back

42% of random stats-offs begin here....

Yes it's another -off and this time its a stats-off. Make up your own random, yet 100% genuine factual piece of information statistic. Here are some to get us going:

34% of all shades of red have copper as a primary chemical base.
3% of all christmas no. 1's have the word "Jesus" in the lyrics.
12% of the braincells used to create this posting were created 14 years ago.
97.33% of Irish people have come into contact with a red haired person.
82% of surrealist jokes end in the word fish.
54% of Irish people now pronounce "many" as "man-y" as opposed to "men-y" - a worrying trend.
26% of persons who say that statistics are made up are lactose intolerant.

And it's all 100% true and I expect you to quote these statistics to your friends and colleagues over the coming week.

Can anyone enlighten us further through numbers?


  1. 18% of contributors to this blog are highly advanced automated computer programs.

  2. 42% of the aliens reading this blog from outer sace beleive that there is a world war going on between a country called Milan and a bloke called Someone Living.

  3. :)

    I heard a guy on the radio arguing that it was posh to pronounce 'wasp' like 'wosp' and that in his family they said 'wasp' to rhyme with 'clasp'.


    I'd say he said 'man-y' aswell.