Monday, February 18, 2008

Some First Impressions

Now more of us have met eachother, and know I'm not sixty, I wonder what our impressions of each other might be? Here are some of mine:

Someone Living - expresses personality through the wearing of interesting shirts.
Midge - wooes with baked goods.
Idiot - cute n' unfeasibly youthful - may have a portrait in his attic.
Shan - oddly, far taller on the second meeting (?). Definitely the big brother.
aquaasho - radiates goodness, and must be a lovely mum.
Milan - surprisingly cuddly :)
atreus - bearded
Polkadot - will always be associated in my mind with edible flowers, and therefore the lovely ones that grew in my garden called lords and ladies. Yes, I know that's random.
voodoolady - jetlagged. Heh heh.


  1. shan have u grown again.he is most definetly the older brother .always the tell tale got them all into trouble

  2. I can safely say that other than the people i've known years noone else looked like I imagined them to be. I was thinking of doing a post before on our 49£ personas, as follows:

    SL - Father, domineering Overlord
    MW - Mother, bean-spiller (metaphorical)
    me - dictator usurper in waiting
    Tib - usurper's assistant/comedian
    C#2 - tragic poet
    Idiot - story-teller
    Shan - the lad
    VL - the outsider turned insider - victory in the challenge by Milan
    Jo - the constant
    Ash - the runner/cath-up-er
    GB - challenger to the title of tragic poet.
    Aileen - the comic relief reprimanding mother.

    I need to work on the others.

  3. Am I purely your comedian MA or am allowed share with everyone else oh worthy leader...

  4. So long as you pay due deference to me as your true leader - which you have done admirably to date - you can be comedian-like to my minions too. As you know I am a benevolent leader, I would not deny my people you're talent as they toil.

  5. Btw, in addition to my first comment:

    ML - intermitant light poet
    Polka - starf-cker
    Atreus - junkmail bringer
    Mr. Pink - Mr. Pink
    Dolly - hot Swedish bird
    Plasmonic - the mystery

    The scene:

    lima fields, Mediterranean climate, early evening Sun, hot balmy weather, gentle breeze.

  6. I am a mother...and I do spill a lot of things... but what about sex kitten....hello? well, sex cat anyway! the order they appear ....
    Ash...beautiful, pure and unique
    Idiot...bestiality is his thing!
    SL...father, brother, dictator
    Polka...caring, loving, funny
    Conformist...intelligent and wonderful
    Tib...wasted in his career...brilliant
    Atreus...hairy, kind and clever
    Voodoo...mysterious goth..(hee heee)Dolly..blonde and intelligent
    Jo...lovely, beautiful and open
    Mossie...beautiful and fruitful
    Pinky...creative and hardworking..oh and fun
    GB..clever writer
    ML...fascist in waiting
    Shan...beardy and funny..but crap song writer!

  7. Hmm, I am no good at these things.

    Incidentially, I had no idea my online persona was mysterious, ha!

  8. Well, you're mysterious because we don't know you (or do we!?) and you can't join in because you haven't met anyone yet (or have you...)

  9. Yea there's a chance you might know one of us. There's no doubt you know someone that we know because that's the way Ireland works.

  10. True, and no, if I do know any of you it is completely random. Perhaps we will find out when I get back home ;)