Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love me, desire me, feed me with your longing

As chief consort it is my honour to seduce all subjects of the Kingdom of my Lord.

It is your duty to adore and worship me,
man or woman,
noble or peasant,
(although if you speak of this publicly your Lord will hang you from the rafters; twice monthly on a Tuesday).

Of course you cannot help but succumb to the power of my beauty and charms.

The magnetism of my presence is enough to draw a crowd wherever I tread.

Legend has it that Venus favoured me above all others with Grace and Elegance.

And although, naturally, my sexual attraction has conquered many a realm;

the seduction of my innocence has won twice as many hearts.

However, Fate has not blessed me so, without ambition to match;
and of course I am consort to the most powerful man in Blisstonia.
But little does he know this is just a step on the ladder to ultimate domination for me.
I already possess superlative physical qualities, and it is only fair that I use my skill for the greater good of my people.

Don't cry for me lima pickers. One day soon, you will know the ecstasy of life in a Milanocracy.