Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing like a good contemporary art merger..

Reading the paper last Sunday and Dancing on Ice happened to be on in the background. I randomly looked up at one point and caught this. It's some bloke from Hollyoaks dancing to Justin Timberlake, doing Justin type dance moves on the ice; a merger of cultures I've never seen before and worked amazingly well. I've post before about a jazz/hip-hop brass band that I've learnt to love in recent years. Art mergers like this are always refreshingly entertaining:


  1. I love dancing on ice. It's definitely one of the more watchable reality shows.

  2. My problem with it is that while onStriclty Come Dancing ,they really learn to dance professionally, the ice skating the celebs do is SO SLOW compared to the real thing, I find it deeply unexciting. This is a good clip though, I suppose because there's more going on. Not sure about the compare though - 'DAncing on Ice goes grunge!' Em ... no.

  3. I'd only watch if Mumba was involved still and there's a chance of this..