Thursday, February 28, 2008

People in Your Neighbourhood...Part 1: The Gym

Like Midge, I'm a fairly new convert to the world of "Gym". Because I'm someone who runs in the mountains I never thought I'd enjoy the sterile nature of the indoor version of exercise. I also assumed I'd get every bored. Nothing could be further from the truth, after 3 months I'm there more than ever.It's the ideal place for one of my favourite acticities: People Watching.

1. The shirt wearing seniors: yes there are men in my gym who actually wear shirts with tracksuit bottoms and trainers. It also looks like it's always the same shirt. Hardly the height of breathable-material-technology but it works for them.

2. The social club seniors. Mostly women, over 60, there for a natter and a bit of light stretching in the classes.

3. The glamour-pusses. Ten years previous they would have been gym-bunnies. They're usually blond, very toned, tanned and like to flirt with the gym instructors.

4. There are no traditional gym-bunnies in my gym.

5. The GAA-sock wearing lads. How they do anything wearing them I'll never know. They usually have the scruffiest gear that looks like it has never seen the inside of a washing machine.

6. The body builders. The only ones like this in my gym are the gym instructors.

7. The executives: these are totally unrecognisable from when they walk in in their pinstripe suits looking like Blake carrington and emerge in their shorts looking like Mr. Burns.

7. The gym-obsessive-skinnies (possibly anorexics). Flit from machine to machine and are always there. Sad.

I've just realised that as part of my Health brief I should be trying to sell this place to you, but I reckon you'd be better off going for a walk......


  1. I love the Blake Carrington/Mr Burns dichotomy.

    When I used to swim in a nice hotel leisure club pool, +there were all these expensive older ladies in full emerald or turquise eye makeup and perfume, and 50's style turban type swim hats, skulling up and down the pool in a loud breast-stroke, chatting and not caring whose way they got in.

    And then there were the men who would swim with fury and no technique at all, all bent knees and giant splashing, leaving you bobbing around the place as they passed. That infuriates me for some reason, people with ostentatiously poor swimming technique!

  2. I hate the gym. The only gym related exercise I can handle is aerobic classes, which I like because to me it's like dance and nobody puts voodoo in the corner.

  3. Jo my swimming technique is atrocious and I am seeking help. I'm finding the hardest part of swimming is breathing.

    VL, there is even Salsa aerobics classes in my gym that a friend has talked me into doing with her starting Monday. I'm hoping to be put in a corner....and ignored.

  4. I love the Blake Carrington/Mr Burns dichotomy too.

    GAE (gyms are evil)

  5. Ais, I didn't mean to frown on your swimming eforts! I just hate those splashy men who think they're great, but in reality they're CRAP!