Monday, March 24, 2008

Conspiracy theory of the day

From talking to people over the last while it seems that a lot of people's favourite Easter Egg, including mine, is the Cadbury's Buttons one. But do you think could I find one for love or money over the last few days? Oh no.
I know I started late to the egg shopping but I don't remember seeing them round the shops earlier. Someone must have hogged them all early on or else Cadbury's decided sadistically to under-stock them. Damn you Cadbury's, daaaammmnnn you.

I got round it by buying a bag of buttons to go with the egg but it's not the same. Eitherways I only got through one egg, cause my tolerance is low after the 7 weeks off.


  1. The nicest easter egg is the lindt Easter Bunny. I did'nt get one this year and am very upset.

  2. ails, I can top that. I bought one for my daughter's Easter egg hunt. Pictured the bunny sitting timidly under an overhanging leaf... I somehow forgot to put it away, and didn't realise that until I found the bell and collar in the the dogs' bed a couple days ago, surrounded by gold foil.