Thursday, March 13, 2008

Did anyone else watch Top Gear last night???

Ok, in an effort to stem this tidal wave of girliness that has afflicted this blog I would like to talk about last nights episode of Top Gear. It is shown every evening on Dave at 20:00.

Well, Top Gear is obviously a show about cars. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are its presenters. They know what they are talking about and I would imagine have a huge impact on what cars people buy these days.

Yes the cars are great, beautiful even. I still know no more about them except a few cool words like V8, Twin turbo and crankshaft. The show however is absolutely fantastic. It contains some beautiful camera work and what with all the strange challenges the guys get up to it is more like a comedy show than your typical specialist show.

I highly recommend it to anyone.

Now I am going to go scratch my balls, spit a bit and think about naked ladies and beer.



  1. Love Top Gear, even though I don't particularly like the presenters. When I first met my husband he said I was the only girl he'd ever gone out with who taped Top Gear. I had an incredible love affair with Aston Martins and watched it in the hope of seeing one.

    Maybe I'm bloke-ified in the same way you're girlified Id? I'm gonna go arrange some flowers, put on some heels and drink a bacardi breezer.....

  2. Hee. It's a good programme, though Jeremy Clarkson's denial of global warming inscences me.

    They're funny, but odd. I was shocked by Richard Hammond's near death experience, awful. And then he keeps racing? Mad.

  3. My boyfriend got me into Top Gear, I wouldn't wait around to watch it but if it's on I'll watch. It's always entertaining enough.

  4. Ash - I'm gonna girlify myself with some Coors Light, strawberry lip balm and doilies.

  5. Did anyone see the one where they brought Lemar, Jamilia and Chris Moyles to The Brits in homemade Limos?

    It was very very funny.

  6. Denial of global warming? Hah, obviously, since NO, cars do not contribute to any of such gibberish, even if it existed... Still racing after a near-death experience? Does everyone have to be boring ?