Thursday, March 13, 2008

Girlified: part 2

"[I] have to make coffee a certain way, I have to have my clothes laid out on my chair before I go to bed, counters must be asthetically pleasing ie: all straight lines, pens vertical etc etc..."

Was looking through my old posts the other day and came across this. It's a comment from Mr. Girlie on my second ever post.


  1. Hehe....thats ocd, not girliness.

    It would be girliness if I added a sprig of mint to my coffee, added doilies to my counters and as for leaving clothes all ready for the morning. Thats just laziness. I am very very much not a morning person. I would like to have boobs for a day though, just to see what its like.

  2. Perfect, idiot, I was going to say the same thing about the ocd.

    I think doilies move beyond the girlie to the old ladiesque though.

    I doubt you're alone on the boob front.

  3. I have to get 4 sets of clothes sorted each night! running around in the morning just doesn't work for me!

    his lipgloss is girlie...this stuff isn't

  4. Thank you all! (I'll explain another day)