Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moving House

Well its that time of my life again , i'm moving house and the stress is getting to me.

We live in the country up a hill and the view's are brilliant, however the garden is 3/4 of an acre and too much for us to cope with.

I'm telling you all this because ten years ago we decided to leave Dublin and look for a quiet life and boy did we get that. Well as you all know Shan and Idiot are my sons and ten years ago Idiot was in Guernsey working when we decided to sell.

At that time my main concern was my daughter as she was only fourteen but she was all for it so it was all systems go. It maybe apparent to everyone that Idiot is not very good at using the phone so we kept forgetting to tell him that the house he called home was up for sale. Prior to putting the house up he made the effort and came home for a couple of nights unexpectantly arriving up to our bedroom at seven in the morning.

The house sold quite quickly but we still kept forgetting to tell Idiot as when he rang it was always a quick call and he would be filling us in on his news . In the end I had to get everyone to remind me to tell him as it was a priest who bought our house so i was afraid Idiot would arrive home as a surprise and give the poor man a heart attack.

When eventually he decided to come home he had to come to carlow . My daughter loves the country and another son lives in carlow now , I don't think either would move back to Dublin.

Sometimes it's good to take the risk but I often wonder would Idiot have taken long to find us


  1. It would have been like The Incredible Journey. I can see Idiot now, in the Carlow hills, sniffing the wind.

  2. I've done this.... ehm... 17 times. I'm a bit of a gypsy.

  3. This happened years ago to my brother's friend. He went to Americay, came back a year or to later to the ma's gaff and someone else answered the door. I'd say it's a distressing thing to happen. Some people aren't as big into communicating as others I suppose, it's just the way it is.

    Lovely post btw Ails.

  4. I'm with you SL, I have been described as a nomad at times. Once I moved 4 times in 1 year. It would have only been 3 but I moved in with a mentalcase who stole my clothes and hid the glasses in her bedroom so we had nothing to drink out of when my friends came over - normal, I think not! I wont say anymore, I think my mental housemate stories need a post of their own.

  5. Jaysus Ma you really are getting into this whole blogging thing, thats a cool post made myself and Mrs Shan laugh around the place, we remember it so well.

    I am looking forward to Idiots comments on this one.

  6. I think you can all see why I dont call much. I am an ignored, mentally abused 70s child...

    Lovely post Mum, let me know when it sells otherwise I may get eaten by banjo playing carlowites by calling in on strangers

  7. I'm feeling your pain Idiot (oooerrr). I'm the youngest of 12 and got told nothing as I was growing up. Not cos I was too young, just that the news never filtered down fast enough. I always half expected to come home from school and find them packing to move.