Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Girlified???? I think not, well, not as much as some.

Through the comments recently there have been some remarks that have pushed the phrase girlified onto my persona.

This does not really bother me to be honest and I will go into more detail about that later. What I do find quite amusing is that this phrase came into existence from our Overlord and Ruler who writes things like...... *sigh*. Now that is the highest level of girlishness. I also have no doubt that a certain TIB would no doubt agree with the girlishness comment what with his immense sporting background. But then again this is a man who writes about chaffed nipples.

Bizarrely it is true, when you look back over posts, the guys on here have been getting more and more girly. For gods sake SL wants to post around a book, which will no doubt be full of fancy paper, and TIB and I were one of the first to agree that it would be a good idea. I am pretty sure Shan will love the idea and have no doubt that all the blokes will have great fun with it.

Is this blog becoming a ladies only blog? Is this why the blokes are writing about feelings and chaffed nipples instead of beer drinking sessions and lady love? How about cars? Blokes love cars, even if they know feck all about them.

So for me it is time to start drinking Guinness, reading more about cars, watching more sport on TV and dressing in tracksuits.

God, please kill me...



  1. Don't worry Idiot I'm sitting here in me jocks having a good aul scratch, eating last night's chinese and watching boxing whilst posting........

    I think some of the boys are scared in light of the international incident that kicked off over breast feeding and boobies.

  2. Idiot, you are not Girlified! Ok so you drink Coors light, which is a girly drink, then again I drink it cos of WW if I had my own way it would be pints of creamy guinness for me! Does that make me an ole fella?

    You guys who write here are all in relationships which means all of you(even Tib) are fairly copped on, no new age, new man shit but just guys who aren't hiding behind a load of male bravado crap!And thank the Goddess for that!

  3. Nonsense, you're girlies and you know it. You'd all be dotting your 'i's with hearts if you only knew the html...

  4. Can I get in on the cross-gender band wagon cause I write about sport sometimes.

    Idiot - that was a very funny post.
    But you did always have the pink shirt thing going on too.

  5. ah leave poor idiot alone its just that hes in touch with his feminine side bless

  6. Aileen, you know we all find it charming on the not-so-secret side of terribly attractive!

  7. Girlified? Me? God yeah. Totally. For years now. I'm the exact opposite of an alpha male if such a thing exists.

    Except here where I rule the universe, of course.

    Seriously though we do write a lot of girly nonsense (well, except Tib). But what to do Id?

  8. I find a lot of men today are like this....my fella included, it's a good thing though. I hate macho men.