Saturday, March 08, 2008

I think, therefore I write & I write, therefore I am

Reading two recent posts made me ponder: Why do I blog? And what did I do in the pre-internet era?

That's when I remembered that I have 19 books. They are just note books eventhough some are expensive artsy-fartsy ones with thick white lovely pages and others are just boring normal note books with blue or grey lines. What makes them special is that they are all filled by my friends and me over a five year period; 1984 - 1989. I used to carry one around at all times. As soon as one was getting full, I'd go out and get a new one.

Sadly the 19th book was never completely filled. The last entry is a note I took down of my brother's cellphone number. The end of the old school era and the beginning of a digital one.

These books are, in some ways, similar to this blog. We all had one book each and whenever we had a couple of minutes over we'd pass them around filling the pages with whatever came to mind. You could write, draw, put stickers and whatnot in them as long as you did not mess up someone elses work. (Unless you were being very creative and witty - cause then you'd get away with anything). They are something between a common diary, scrap book and just a place for any thought or feeling you'd have that day. No one really expected comments on an entry, but you'd often get one anyway.

I wish I still could be arsed to carry one of these around. And I also wish I would get proper mail with stamps and all. I love the new digital world, but old fashion paper things gets my vote anyday.


  1. I've been on holidays where "the book" has played an integral role. I know SL and MW have too, and I believe that's where our 49£ name comes from.

  2. Ah, thanks for making me feel a bit better about not doing books anymore. You made me remember that I do carry a book when traveling. Every (major) travel has a new book. I put in all sorts of crap in them. Loads of fun.

  3. All true. The original 4nine£ book story is here lateecomerinos:

    It's a really great idea though Dolly, even to do now. Maybe wee could do an analog version of our project here?