Saturday, March 22, 2008

Potential Inventions

My local Spar shop has introduced one of these anti-teenager noise devices. Its a hidden loudspeaker that produces a very annoying tone thats slightly above the threshold of adult hearing; but kids can hear it properly. I must have good hearing because I noticed it last week.

Does it work? Yes. Its a teenager free zone around the shop now.

Can I get one to use on other people not just teenagers?

For example. My lovely but rather annoying brother in law. The woman in the chemist thats overly friendly. My mate who calls up when I'm watching 'Street Crime UK' on Bravo.

So far I've been using my personality to keep these people away but goddamit I'm tired of that now.

We need a anti-annoying persons device. Maybe get those bright Young Scientists kids involved? Now that they're not hanging around my local Spar anymore..


  1. It takes some skill alright to use your personality to keep them at bay. What you need is one of those remote controls that control people around you.

  2. Heh, given how subjective 'annoying' is, people would be using it on eachother. I can see a sort of superhero farce going on with that one.

  3. All you need dude is to put those ideas in motion, there's a fortune to be had.