Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tag you are it!

I was Tagged by Thriftcriminal, and I had to tell seven secrets....hee hee I hear you all giggle, she doesn't have seven bloody secrets! Too bloody true!

So I am tagging for nine pounds...come on guys, seven of you can give up seven secrets....I'm looking at Aileen and Dolly here.... Don't leave me hanging guys!


  1. I think we've already been down this road. We should let the newbies do the filling in.

  2. 1. Looking at people on tv eating things I don't like makes me gag
    2. I have an appauling memory, in one ear out the other.
    3. I always have a book on the go in the bathroom, you might think it's gross, I say get over it!
    4. Once I got so drunk I couldn't talk - as in the taxi driver had to get me to kind of mime my address - for shame
    5. I can make myself get sick - not in a fingers down my throat kind of way - I can just make it happen if I need too.
    6. I would like to tell more secrets MW style but I can't bring myself too
    7. I feel like I am too immature to post here sometimes!

  3. Aw, voodoolady. Just because some of us are OLD doesn't mean there's no place for a fresh, youthful voice!

    For God's sake!

  4. 1. Love to read in bed
    2. Hide chocolat and then eat it when i'm alone
    3. I'm turning grumpy
    4. Sometimes die at things Idiot says
    5. My kids tell me too much sometimes
    6. Hate looking at myself in the mirror
    7. Wish I could get feet transplants

  5. Yay, I love this more than first time round. I just checked the "who 49£ are" link and the only ones missing now are Conf #2, GB, dolly and plas.

  6. Aileen - I to oam turning grumpy, but with desperation and exhaustion rather than rightfully, as you are. I think by the time your kids are grown you've seen enough of the world to have run out of patience with its nonsense.

    Why not paste pictures of yourself taken at the age you feel over all the mirrors?

    Sadly I don't think the same will work with feet... frequent champagne pedicures might be the answer.

  7. Thanks for that jo it actually feels good letting some of your secrets out

  8. Don't see why the newbies should have all the fun :-)

    1 I've written at least one secret blog that became briefly famous where I confessed my innermost thoughts.

    2 I don't think I belong here anymore and have contemplated slipping away more than once recently.

    3 I find it hard to believe I'll ever be truly happy again.

    4 There was always going to be one token kinky one - I've kissed a boy once.

    5 For various reasons I weigh less now than I've ever done in my adult life.

    6 I am the keeper of many other people's secrets, and a damned good one.

    7 I've slept with fewer people than the numbers on this list.

  9. What the hell you on about not belonging here anymore, stop talking shit *sigh*

  10. Yea SL, no blog can survive without their benevolent dictator. We'll have enough of that talk.

  11. Well I can't be an usurper in waiting without someone to aspire to topple from power.

  12. Well, here is a starter. Some (boring) secrets:

    1. I want to save the world, everyday!

    2. I keep secrets :p

    3. I rarely share details regarding my sex life

    4. I don't want to hear details about other peoples sex life

    5. I hate things that stinks (and I am ashamed to admit it, but I hold my breath passing stinky-lookers in the streets)

    6. I want my mohawk back

    7. I cry when people do nice or terrible things(which is often...)

    Then there's dessert if you want more Midget, :)