Friday, March 07, 2008

Taste vs Taste

I don't like the taste of olives but would really like to be the sort of person that eats olives. I tried to force myself to develop a taste for them last year when in Italy, and ate one every day, but it didn't really stick. Same can be said of Guinness. I've always loved the look of the drink and it's culture and status and Irishyness, but never got into the taste of it. It was the first drink I ever ordered, in a bar in Dingle many years ago but I only managed to down 3 mouthfulls. I've tried again, on and off over the years but never got anywhere with it. So I'm a Guinness and olives failure.

On the other side there are lots of foods that I like that I know others would like to like. The only one that comes to mind right now is tomatoes.


  1. mmmm love olives i usually have them in the house but as noone else likes them they last ages. going to italy in june and cant wait to eat the real thing and not out of a jar

  2. Love olives, Guinness, I like tomatoes officially but in truth often push them aside. In this watery country anyway.

    Maybe you could cultivate a taste for silverskin onions?

  3. I love Guinness, anyone who knows me well knows if I'm drinking Guinness it's gonna be a mad night!

    Oh and olives...yummy, soo moreish, I made Pasta Puttenesca last night, olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, onion, tomatoe bit of wine lots of olive oil...yummy!

    I like nice tomatos...but so difficult, they all taste like bloody potatoes!

    I wish I couls like Mayo...Satan's Spunk!

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  6. I just don't get it Midge. Salad cream is just horrible, watered down, sugary, cheap tasting mayonnaise! It's so much more spunky than real mayo is.


  7. I'm not a fan of mayonnaise either. It's mingin'. At least salad cream has a vinegar tang to it.

  8. Eww, I have puked from the smell of mayo. Vile vile stuff. Worst is someone eating a load of coleslaw and then they get bits of mayo on their face, I can't look at them!