Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where the F*-k have I been???

*peeks shyly around the corner*

ehmmm, hello everyone.

So I have been pretty damn quiet the past few weeks. For this I apologise. I have been working hard and sorting out a few of those tedious life issues that afflict us all from time to time. Then I had been away so long that I knew I had missed loads and would have to spend bloody ages catching up.

Hi mum btw.

So we are opening a new store in London in the next couple of weeks and it is a ruddy nightmare trying to organise it. I cant wait for it to be open and out of my hair. I have so far managed to avoid having to go over myself but am being put under pressure to do so. In fairness trying to recruit staff and managers has been a balls and would have been easier had I gone myself. I hate London, I do not want to go...

Apart from that Aoife is well and we are very close to our 1st year anniversary which I am sure you will be pleased to hear I remembered. I would like to apologise to Midge for not getting to her party and being a crappo by not getting in touch. Aoife and I had the weekend off which is very odd and decided to go see Mum. Deffo need a meet up soon with everyone just to have a few drinks and a bit of fun. Jo next time I am in Bray I will pop down and collect that coffee pot :O. Milan, see you outside the shop someday soon and thanks for the nudge...


  1. Idiot! Good to hear from you. Get my number off Shan.

  2. Idiot, great to see you back. I'll always picture you now having a fag outside the shop.

    Fair play re London shop. It's all action in the pink shirt world I see.

  3. Hello Idiot! A year?! Wow - and Congrats! Please be sure you remember it on the day as well (almost doesn't count, you know).

    Best of luck with the London store. You're an overachiever - you know that, right? I'm sure it will be just fine. But should you find the button to clone yourself, let me know.

  4. It was lovely to see the two of you pity Ihad to work . Come down soon again.