Saturday, April 19, 2008

I will if you will...

I don't know what Shan's at, but in the interests of filth, I was going to suggest a 100 word erotic write off, in the comments so the sensitive can avoid it. Something around the theme of Spring.

I dare ya.
Addendum: no scaredy fence sitters, no comments, please, just your 100 words. It doesn't have to be explicit (maybe better not?), just sexy! Open to all commenters...


  1. Gently she warmed the massage oil in the palm of her hands, the smell of neroli was enough to make her wet, anticipation. Gently begining at the soles of her feet she rubbed her lovers body, feeling the muscles in her calves relaxing, and the muscles in her lovers thighs tensing as she stroked her lovely ass with her oily hands. Her passion was growing now and she fought the urge to touch her lovers pussy, to discover if her girlfriend was as wet and sticky as she was, she resisted, instead stroking her girlfriends strong back with her hands, straddling her, feeling friction between her legs, rubbing....

    100 words, not very erotic, I'm sorry!

  2. I had a lecturer point out the phenomonen of the excuse apology explanation before anyone read anything out - not a good idea, don't apologise for anything! Especially don't tell your audience something is bad, let themmake up their own mind without adding negative influence... a good tip.