Saturday, April 19, 2008

My filthy post.

Well its taken some time and a few ideas which have since got scrapped, mainly the one where pictures of flaccid penis's would be put on show for the ladies to decide what to call them since men enjoy calling there manhood names. Anyhow that got scrapped, so it left me with one option.


A lot of women find it disgusting and filthy that men masturbate so much, we do you know! but did you know that this handy release (get it) actually does have benefits. Please take look at this article from the BBC site.

So I have decided that I am going to wank at least 5 times a week cause its good for me. Not only do you get the pleasure of orgasm but you also cut your risks of prostate cancer, its a no brainer.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ahh, ok, this took a while to load.

    I love the headings - 'Fluid'. Heh.

    It's good for getting to sleep, too...

  3. Nah I messed up, I pressed enter after I put the title in and it went to save instead so you are correct all you had was a title and nothing else sorry was having a wank at the time!

  4. I take issue with the last sentence though! It's 'perfectly reasonable' for people to be encouraged to masturbate whether it protects form cancer or not!

  5. Shan Shan Shan
    I cover my head and wonder where I went wrong.

  6. It's alright ails, he's just truthful. And look, science is on his side!

  7. Ails, I think it was that extra ice cream he got on Portmarnock beech, summer of 85.

  8. I tell you what though, moreso than morality, I have pride issues when it comes to sexuality. Everything about it so vulgar.

  9. I don't get you think this is worthy of a badge?????

    Talking about masterbation, even in front of your mother, is not filthy.....everyone does it!

    I don't find it strange that men do it so much, I do it as much as I can , Can't sleep? bored? Stressed? Beats Prozac!

    Sorry, we want (not) flaccid penises!

  10. Hear hear Midge.

    So are you gonna lead by example on my quickie competition above?

    Is it a competition?

    It might be. We'll see how muych you all please me...

  11. Competition? Did I miss something? :( I think if you were to do a totally anonymous straw poll of random people a surprising majority of all our vintages would talk of its benefits and have almost nothing bad to say about it.

    And yes, it's always the first resort when I'm alone and I can't sleep.