Friday, April 18, 2008

It's a small world

I went to visit a friend in Gorey today. I only know her and one other couple there. Unless Wexican Alleged Comedian lives there, in which case I'd better mention him as he's touchy like that...
Anyway, I was trying to leave, bit got delayed by my daughter having one of her trademark tantrums, then getting clawed by a kitten and wailing so loudly that I wouldn't get near her to comfort her as the baby would scream with fear if I either got too close to the horrible noise, or tried to put him down in the other room. My friend had no first aid except plasters and the pain in my back from holding the baby the while was so exhausting, I was tempted to just run away.
Anyhoo, the point being, I left later than planned, and drove out of the estate, down the road, stopped in traffic, looked up, and there's my two friends getting out of their car. Mad.
Do people who know each other gravitate towards each other? How do you explain the converging series of events that caught to the same place at exactly the same time?
I know people who went to see the Grand Canyon, stopped away from the main car park to enjoy the solitude, but were annoyed to see a small van approaching across the emptiness. The can parked beside their car, a guy got out and said 'Anne, Mike!' - it was a friend from Ireland.


  1. Definatley...It's a real Irish thing though I suppose there aren't actually that many of us!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me, I am not touchy, I am pouty.

    I live just outside Gorey as it happens, nearer the sea, which is great for the occasional trip to the beach to throw rocks (what is it with 4 year old boys and rocks? actually what is it with 35 year old men and the same thing)

    However the coastal location plays havoc with my hair, any tips?

  3. Vinegar in the rinse. Maybe.

    I was watching a man and his son throwing rocks down on our beach, and the dad was so good! Excellent skipping. It was lovely though, we women like to watch 35 yr olds and 4 year olds throwing stones in the sea.
    There is definitely something primal, or fundamental about throwing stones in the sea. I finally learned how not to throw like a girl, under the tutelage of my strong armed husband, but after spending half an hour doing it, I had a pain in my arm that lasted for days - obviously never used those muscles before in my life!

    The same thing happened with darts, now that I think about it.

  4. You know when you start seeing the same celebrity round town a lot, and it makes me think I'm probably passing the same Jo punter a lot but wouldn't notice cause you don't know them.

    Chance is a strange thing alright.

  5. AC - it keeps you off the streets so it's all good.

  6. Rather than on the streets, a la Dave Mac Saveage? Heh.

  7. Rocks into the sea? It's out constitutional duty to do it! Particularly if it's in the direction of the Brits.