Friday, May 02, 2008

Childhood Trauma!

Jo's trauma post over at her blog got me thinking about all those childhood accidents we all seem to have to go through in order to end up as fully grown adults with lots of fears. I had loads of accidents, and many visits to Harcourt Street hospital. My earliest memories are of being in an ambulance at age 2, after having drank bleach at home. I had a new tea set and I wasn't afraid to use it. It was the first liquid I could find...

Later in life I fell off the concrete porch above our front door and landed on the back of my head. I remember being cuddled by my next door neighbour as she tried to keep me awake in case of concussion.

At about the same age I stuck my fingers into the spokes of the moving wheels of an upside-down bike. I kinda sliced the tops off a couple of fingers but they and I survived.

And back in the days when kids went to the local park on their own, myself and my two friends upset a hive of wasps in Marlay Park and they "attacked" us. We were covered in stings and I ended up ballooning up in reaction to it. Complete strangers brought the three of us home before I paid yet another visit to Harcourt Street to get the stings sorted.

No wonder I love hospital dramas like ER, Grey's Anatomy and House. So spill the beans on your horror stories and what brought you to A&E....


  1. My sister was usually the cause of my accidents she pushed me through a glass door , she pushed me off my bike into a brick flower bed. I fell off a ladder at the age of three and was unconcious for a short time.

  2. Biked inside (small three wheeler) and hit the open oven door , cut my lip badly and had stitches. Age 3-4.

    Swung from a slide and hit a stone ridge with my head, walked home with blood pouring down my head... stitches. Age 5.

    Fell off a playing house at play school, concussion so stayed in hospital for a while. Age 6.

    Jumped from top bunk bed on to desk repeated times and finally it broke. Stitches again. Age 10.

    Rode my bike and fell off. Bad infection in the wounded knee. Antibitics for a looong time. Age 11.

    Fell over with my bike outside school (gym bag got caught in front wheel and bike tipped over). Concussion again, but no stay in the hospital. Age 12.

    Ran down a hill, tripped on a pine cone (duh), landed on my foot and wore a cast for 6 long summer weeks. Age 13.

    But part from that I've been great!

  3. God Ais, you really are a boy. And bleach tea? Punk!

    Nothing happened to me, nothing serious. I don't think my parents realsied how lucky they were.

    As an adult I cut of a littel bit of my little finger in a broken-mirror-cleaning incident in my first crappy flat.

    I was scared to go back in the bathroom! My husband came home and I was bleeding and sniffling with a huge bandage on and my finger held up in the air. He had to go and wash the little bit of finger down the sink.

  4. Clogs were the evil invention that caused me several accidents including tripping on a loose washing line that was on the ground and breaking my front tooth, which has a cap on it since.