Friday, May 02, 2008

Greetings from Oslo - and I'm NOT joining the army!

Yeah, so I decided it'd be a grand idea to head over to Oslo. Never mind it being sunny and warm (+21 C) in Stockholm. Sun is Stockholm, and grey and cold in Oslo. Good thing was I met up with my Liverpoodlian friend on the aircoach (what are the odds?) and had a great evening stuffing my face with Tapas and gulping nice red wine while watching Grand Theft Auto being played.

We had (or tried to have) a couple of web-chats with Shan, but he kept hanging up on us (he blamed the network, we suspected him taking off for wanks since he left the chat everytime we mentioned the word naked).

I had an interesting ride to the airport this morning. The cab driver was an oldie and he spoke fluent in both French and English, had been on an interesting special guided tour on Iceland, had played golf in the Azores and Egypt and dropped references to Montesquieu... Turned out he had spent 30 years in the Swedish army. Now, I'm not a great fan of any army but I've always admired their organisational skills. Bringing that subject up the cab driver got really depressed (which was scary in several ways as we were on the freeway and he started looking in to the rear mirror to get eye contact and when doing that he put his foot on the brake) and then he explained what a sad thing the Swedish army is today - there is no future in the army, he said.

So having had that (non-surprising) piece of information I've today crossed out "join the army to get better knowledge regarding organisational skills" from my Things-I-Could-Do-list.

And it feels good.


  1. Say hello to robin hood and the new daddy for me :O

  2. Ok so I was caught out, well seeing 4 beautiful people in Oslo asking me to strip for them really did get me all turned on, so yep there was no connection issues at all, may try again tonight if you guys will be over in the apt again.

    Enjoy your time there.

    BTW do the other 3 know that we write here??? have they mentioned the 49£ blog???

    If not get them to subscribe NOW!

  3. Thx and will pass the greets on. You not being here means missing out on breastfeeding, smashing various cars and choppers up and getting tips and tricks on project management litterature from the Dad.

  4. Say hello to everyone.
    But Dolly please please don't encourage Shan ,he is bad enough.