Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

Reading Jo's post made me think of how badly I'd love to go back to not knowing all the things I know. It feels like it would make my days so much easier.

My problem is that once I know what "the right thing" to do is I'm having trouble not following that rule. When there are conflicting rules I usually manage to go on by claiming "common sense given current situation". But often, and especially at work, all rules are not formally put or (which really does my head in) are even acknowledged as informal rules. I'm basically expected to be flexible *shudder*, cost efficient *gag* and most of all meet any stupid time plan that some manager dreamt up.

I know it's up to me, and that I should be able to choose not to obey the rules but I find it so hard not to. But instead of doing my things on time I end up in some strange limbo state, like a writer's block.

Hm... this post just turned out as boring as I feel. I'll save you from the bits and pieces as I'm sure you'll be better off without getting details on style guides, revision logs, standards, high level versus detailed level and whatnot. I'll just repeat that I'd be much better off not knowing how and why things should be done in certain ways or why shortcuts rarely pay off. If I could ignore that then I could just put my stuff together in no time, send them off and not understand most of the criticism that my deliverables would receive. Bliss!


  1. Interesting perspective. I always liked the idea that you need to understand rules in order to be able to break them.

    I wonder is it a Swedish identity issue? Sweden seems ordered and organised comapared to Ireland, where I think we're all paddling like fuck while doing things in our own peculiar way.

  2. sorry have to run. I don't undertand this either sorry.