Thursday, June 05, 2008

And so it begins

Yep at long last the build has begun, I have 2 polish builders (thank god they aint Irish at least the job will get done and done well) Dan and Pablo trapcing around my garden for the next 4 weeks.

I was told they would arrive yesterday at 9am and work till 5pm, and thats a week ahead of schedule! Jesus they did not lie, I was in the kitchen washing dishes, since I had a day off work, and at literally 9am according to my kitchen clock the doorbell rang, good start so far.

So what have they done, so far quite a substantial amount actually, they have dug out a 2 foot wide by 2 foot deep trench for the foundations, great thing was there was no hidden pipes or anything, so happy days, no extra costs!

Ok so this does not sound like much but remember the trench is 14 foot by 15 foot to allow the 13x14 foot sunroom, not only that, they did it by hand!!! and not only that, it aint soil in my back garden its shit you can sculpt also know as clay and its rock hard.

So day one in the Shanchie house, like my reference to big brother starting tonight at 9, and all is good. Today the foundations will be laid, tomorrow they will probably have the structure in place with the speed the are moving! only kidding but by all accounts I do honestly believe that when they said a 4 week build, I dont think they are bullshitting.


  1. sound's good I can imagine you keeping a beady eye on things.

  2. Wow, a good start is half the battle, hopefully. Good luck!

  3. You forgot to mention 1 thing about the build! Shan Jnr is not happy she wants Mommy to fix the back garden, "Mommy Fix" "Mommy Fix" MOMMY FIX!

  4. First things first. OMG BB's starting and I hadn't heard a word about it. I know I'm not watching it this year cause Dermot's not around but I might have a sneak peak all the same.

    Secondly, that's great re building, hope you don't speak too soon though, touch wood. I'm always afraid of jinxing things.

    Mrs Shan - can you fix anything if I say "Mommy fix". Mommy will you fix my job and my broken brain. Thanks.

  5. Cool! Looking forward to seeing it.