Thursday, June 05, 2008

The numbers

I now I'm not one to talk but...

Recent numbers of posts:

04/20 - 04/27 (28)
04/27 - 05/04 (20)
05/04 - 05/11 (11)
05/11 - 05/18 (18)
05/18 - 05/25 (15)
05/25 - 06/01 (10)
06/01 - 06/08 (4)



  1. I take umbridge, Dolores Umbridge if you will, against the American dates and the wrong way up. Took me ages to work out the figures.

    I have no idea how to bring us back to life, Evanescence styley. I'll just plod along and wait for something new and exciting to happen.

  2. I thought we were going to recruit new blood and be able to post once a week? Twenty posts a week would be enough, wouldn't it?

    Or perhaps we should have a shut down for a month and come back rejuvinated. If we CAN'T post, it might make us want to more.

    Or we could set topics to have an opinion on - I'm pretty blocked a the moment.

    One question - are there fewer comments because no one's reading? Because if that's the case, I don't really feel the insentive to post.

  3. I like the idea of selecting topics. I'd hate to have a shut down as it would force me out in to the real world where I might meet people and possibly find the (next) love of my life, have sex and live happily ever after. Now we couldn't have that, could we?

  4. Just FYI we have more readers than ever actually. Slow comments doesn't mean less readers. Am seriously considering moving us to Wordpress.

  5. wordpress would be the business, blogger is a dieing breed. The only issue we would have is the whole admin side of the blog, user names, passwords etc etc.

  6. I'm not a wordpress fan for a few reasons, some may not be relevant to this blog. You don't have to resize photos and images with blogger but you do with wordpress and I find that a right pain and time consuming. You also can't moblog photos to wordpress or at least you couldn't a year ago when I tried. With blogger it was instant, direct and no problem. I just like it. :-)
    Some techy person will probably dispute that but the last time I checked that was the case (but I'm not techy at all!) ;-)