Thursday, June 05, 2008

Burning Vouchers

I recently got €250 vouchers from my job. In the past I've gotten shop vouchers for birthdays and Christmas. It's nice to get presents. And vouchers are the easy option.

But to me vouchers have a slight element of torture to them because I can't rest until they've been used. The whole time I'm trying to thick of something I need and thinking about how I should be out spending those vouchers. I'm just not comfortable with having them as currency.

Combine this with my inability to make consumer decisions and it's even more of a pain. I've been putting off getting a new phone for years, despite several selotape transplants to my existing one, cause I can't make up my mind which new phone to get. I've been contemplating using the vouchers for a new phone but I need to build myself up for the decision.

It's all a bit of an ordeal, especially considering I don't really like shopping.

So I'm going shopping this evening, without pleasure, with the sole purpose of using up vouchers.

At least then one part of me can rest in peace.


  1. I'll come shopping with you - after we've bought you a few new clothes, we'll see if any of the bars take One4All Vouchers.

  2. I've noticed that the stupid vouchers have a due date. How silly is that? Hope you managed to pick out something you needed, not just something you could get.

    And thanks for this post. Reminded me I've got two of those I must use asap.

  3. Cheers Darren. I did well yest evening. Got a new phone, extra charger and fancy speaker device for the car. And today I spent the rest on cordless headphones. Vouchers gone. All good.