Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Capri , Home of the beautiful people

Sorry but it's another post about Italy

We took a trip to Capri of course we took it with a guide first mistake , you just can't be rushed around Capri. Armani , Prada , Gucci, Todd's , Roberto Cavalli , to name but a few I was sick with desire. Went into one multi store and saw a handbag it was love at first sight , hubby went to find out the price nearly a thousand euro I saw his face and knew I was'nt going to get a present. The sale's girl took it down from the shelf and I felt the leather well excuse me but I nearly had an orgasm. I was ushered out of the shop very quickly waving goodbye to my new love.

Walking down to the main square who did we see but Rod Steward his wife and two bodyguard's he never smiled or said hello to anyone I mean if he want's to stay incognito why walk down the main street at a time when all the tourist's are there I was going to sing "if you want my body and you think I'm sexy" and then I thought he might be ill.

We decided to do the boat trip around the Island ,now the sea was quite rough and hubby is not a very good sailor so being kind I said I did'nt mind going on my own if he wanted, but oh no in he got . Everything was ok for a while , then the captain decided to reverse into cave's to show us the coral well the boat went up and down and side to side so looked at hubby and the lovely tan on his face was gone he was pure white I asked him was he ok and got a very gruff response and then he quickly turned and got sick over the side . The poor man sitting beside him did a runner , so that was the second mistake.

When we got back to port and wobbly hubby was getting off the boat I thought oh my God he look's just like his father when his father was in his eighties. So Shan watch out you are the image of your dad and it was'nt a pretty sight. Third mistake was he did'nt offer to run back to the shop and get me the love of my life the bag.

If and when I go back I will stay in Capri overnight home of the beautiful people it was really beautiful.


  1. What a nice roundup of Capri, particularly about the ould lad getting sick on the boat, lol, had that experience myself when we went deep sea fishing in Lanzarote, tis very funny looking at the colour drain would have been better if I got it on video tbh.

    Then you get all the moaning afterwards, jaysus I wanted to feed him to the fishes.

  2. I love the tinge of sadness to the story of Aileen and her lost love :(

  3. no i think de real tragedy is de lost moment between Ails and Rod, dueting with "do you think i'm sexy"

  4. no i think de real tragedy is de lost moment between Ails and Rod, dueting with "do you think i'm sexy"

  5. There was no lost tragedy between Ails and Rod thats my auld lads name!!!! hehehe

  6. Some day you'll get that handbag - I have faith! ;)

  7. aileen when we go you shall get a beautiful bag or 3 and maybe even an orgasm... hey to the 'big dog' and if not you always have me xx shell