Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That was nice of you SL!

Ay yo trip this is all word is bond.

Dang, SL went and entered himself in some little Rick O Shea competition, thats right guys as a solo entrant, not a groupie.

Guess what boo yaa! SL won aswell, not only that Daz got a ticket too.

Brothers, you could have at least blogged about it here I would have loved to have gone with my fellow homies O' fo' sho, and I am sure some of the motherfucking ho's would have enjoyed it too.

Anyhow hope you both have a bumboklaat night.



  1. See Shan I'm nat a nasty cruel torturous fecker who won't post on other people's post cause you know it annoys them. Know I know how Idiot felt growing up being ratted on all the time by big brother.

    Re SL/Daz - have a good time. It's not my scene, I'm very lazy about concerts these days.

  2. Ah Shan, please don't make me feel guilty. I...I...eh...I've no excuse!

  3. Milan, I am having to much fun not commenting on your posts, I just cant help myself.

    Daz, Im sorry but you just made your first mistake, I am going to hunt you down bro and put a cap on your head.

    What size cap?

  4. milan Shan does'nt comment on many post's I've noticed

  5. Yes I do, just ones that interest me!

  6. Shan, yo' gansta' speak is word, ma schizzle nizzle!

  7. To be fair any of you could have entered :-) Some of you did and get to come, some of you I won't get to see unfortunately..... :-(

  8. Ah yeah whatever O'Shea, cant be checking out your blog all day so I miss these sorts of things, you update to many times a day for me to be arsed.

  9. Milan if I could I would but he does'nt listen to me.

  10. I do have a life outside this house you know, children!

    Now go tidy your rooms.

  11. There is also a small possibility I may not show. Revealing myself in front of others is not something I'm very comfortable with.

    I may sit just up from you pretending to read a paper.