Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's a Teenchy Little World

Tapping away on my snazzy little Asus EeePC, writing an earth-shattering post about a movie I love (ok, so perhaps it's not earth-shattering), I am disturbed by a phonecall from Mr Doyle, who wonders where on the bus I am sitting. Why? Well, apparently some weirdo on Twitter has spotted me in the real world. I look around and see no faces I recognise (which is odd, I guess, as I get this bus quite often). I look around again and fail to notice the Fluffy badge on a young, bespectacled face a few rows back. I give up in my search, I tell Doyle to go away and stop bothering me, and I return to my blog post.

Moments later, the polite, bespectacled person is beside me, excuses himself and asks if the seat beside me is free. I spot the mark of the devil blogger upon his lapel – the Fluffy badge (I got to get me one of those) and I finally get to meet the Shanachie face to face.

We chatted easily and freely (a certain group blog featured heavily in the conversation) and the journey flew by. We mentioned a potential meet at some stage as discussed here already and then we said goodbye. His farewell of “Sorry if I freaked you out” as he descended the stairs garnered a number of odd looks for my fellow passengers, which just added to my enjoyment.

Mr Shanachie, Sir, it was a pleasure meeting you. I am actually fairly sure I have spotted you before around town and next time, I'll be sure to say hello.

Update: I posted this prior to reading the Shanachie's post. Tee, and furthermore, hee!


  1. No, no, it was cool to have the two different perspectives. And aren't you delighted with the way he described you as 'young'?

  2. Yep Jo one of the advantages of the rain making my hair wet covered over the greys very well.

  3. Shan are you trying to tease us with the rainy look?

    Daz - i like your tee, and furthermore, hee.

  4. Ah the endless stalking possibilities of the 21st centurt!

    "Young" made me tee and hee endlessly :)

    BTW if you ratted me out Shan, you're a dead man.

  5. OH so he was wearing his fluffy badge but not his ill earned filthy badge? Maybe shame got the better of him?

  6. D are you as nice as you sound? Calling the scruffy, non-filthy-badge-wearing man young...

    Got no time to hangaround here, feel I have to check out the Asus now.

  7. @Shan Don't worry - you didn't ruin my post, you young whipper-snapper.

    @SL Shan was so evasive when your name came up it made me think I must know you quite well. Would that be right? He did such a good job of hiding your identity, in fact, it just made me more curious.

    @Midge Yep, he was all 'filthy' too.

    @Dolly I'm luvly! :)

  8. Shan? Evasive? Excellent. I have taught him well in the art of the lima bean :)

    No, Darren, not at all. We've never met. Yet.


  9. I was great guys calling you all by your pseudonyms, I gave nowt away SL you would be proud, I just gave him the tiniest bit of shitty info but enough info to turn his mind to goo.


    And yep MW I was wearing my black white and red badges with pride.

  10. Shan, ill earned Filthy badge will bring you bad JU JU.....Don't fuck with a midget!