Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dream cheater

For some reason the title of this post is going through my head as 'Dream Weaver' and I'm getting a bit of a Wayne's World flash back but I'll put that aside.

My fella and I were driving along this morning and I was telling him about my latest bizarre dream where I was at a work do with people from my last two jobs. It was a dance of sorts and we were all waiting to be asked to dance. Anyway, I was asked to dance by a girl and in my dream my mates were saying ' Don't do it, everyone will think you're a lesbian' so I told them to get a life and went off for a boogie with some young wan. I can't really remember much after that but this is very much off- topic anyway.

My boyfriend then says he had a lovely dream where he was in a school classroom but everyone was our current age, mid-20's and yada yada, he ends of snogging one of the girls in the class and his mates are all' OOOOH hope your girlfriend doesn't find out'.

We both had a good laugh and I gave him a pretend smack for dream cheating me.

So, a la Carrie Bradshaw, I can't help but wonder -are all couples so open and honest about x-rated dreams not involving their partners?


  1. I don't know Voodoo, but if you are with someone who was all precious about their dreams or yours you'd be pretty fucked!

  2. God, yeah, voodoo - I told a friend I'd had a rude dream about him, thinking he'd have a laguh, and he and his gf got all messed up about the fact that I'd told him, thinking I was trying to ..make a move?? I was pregnant at the time! And having lots of very sensual dreams.

    I told my husband about it, and he agreed what a disappointing reaction it was.

  3. Good question and one I would have to say no to.

    I would not dare talk about all the women I have slept with and had mad dirty sex with in my dreams.

    I will be interested to see what other blokes say to this question.

  4. No! A definite no, in fact. We're very open but the odd things that go on in the brain while asleep should not be openly shared. It could open a Pandora's box that shouldn't be opened.

    I do talk about some dreams, but sex dreams - never.

  5. Why!? If I had one about someone I actively was attracted to, then no. But otherwise, what's the harm, it's just our mad subconscious.

    Though I have to admit, most often in my dreams, something steps in and says 'but we must not, I am married, do you see.' Grr. Stupid super-ego.

  6. I dunno. I guess there's nothing really wrong with it. It would just feel odd, that's all.

  7. I dont talk about it because I believe we dream for a reason, and the fact its the subconscious reinforces my opinion. I believe the subconscious are showing us very true feelings nothing fantasy about it.

    My wife would also know a lot of these dirty bitches that play around in my head, I mean they really are manky the things they make me do....

    So no I am quite glad to let them have my way with me inside my head,

    BTW that sexy lingerie you had on was mega but I do believe you whipped me a bit to much, tonight I shall have my revenge!!!

  8. hee hee hee!]

    Laughing at Jo with her voice of are married! I have dreams now where I am still married I call them nightmares....not joking! I wake up totally freaked out!

    Shan you are a dirty little man, your wife would not be suprised.....would she? Jesus what the hell goes on in that head of yours?

  9. Shan I think you owe it to us to do a Voodoo sytle post with a story of your own.

    I don't have as a deep a belief in dreams of others but I have got in to trouble that way. I tell people when I have mad dreams about them, where nothing explicit has happened, then I get slagged forever just for dreaming about them.

  10. Nah Milan my motherr in case you forgot is one of us I would not want her thinking her golden boy is all filthy now would I.

  11. And I forgot to say that it was jo I was dreaming about in that second last comment of mine.

  12. Shan, I'm the dirty bitch inside your head? No wonder you don't want me to know where you live.

  13. Have we all made an appearance. Do men feature too, we don't want SL left out.

  14. Having almost lost the question asked after walking through the dark sides of Shans nightly adventures, I'd think that it depends on the dream. The dreams you and your bf shared, VL, are quite innocent. As long as they are I don't see many couples holding back from sharing them. But when they are more like "And I ripped the clothes off X and then we had sex on my desk in the office" I'm with Shan. Dreams are an odd mix of real feelings and general impressions.
    I dream a lot, and share them as long as they are either just strange or harmless - never when they might hurt someone.

  15. Given that dreams are symobolic, I don't think that sex dreams necessarily translate literally - not that they can sometimes, just not always. Like my husband and I have both had dreams that were really horny in the dream but when we woke up it was ick! bleh! Wash my head out, uck! Neither of us have a wrinkly old people fetish, yet we've both had rude dreams about them...

    Sure, if I'm attracted to someone it's not prudent to throw the fact that I had a good dream about them in my partner's face. But if you just deam about someone attractive, what's the harm? It would be silly to think that once you're in a monogamous relationship you don't find anyone else attractive anymore.

    My husband and I can discuss people's relative merits realistically, I don't think it's any different with dreams.

    I'm flattered to have starred in one of Shan's sick nightime-adventure scenarios, but I'm not going to suddenly fear he's lusting after me each time he sees me - wait! What's that rustling in the bushes? Quick, children, fetch mama the hose!

  16. Jo, I'm sure Shan could help you out with the Hose problem!

  17. Eh, not quite, given that it's him lurking in the bushes, so the idea was to deter him - soaking himself with is own hose... nah, not into watersports thanks!

  18. Excuse me I have never been found in those bushes, nothing to see here, move along please.