Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I wish I had a window seat

Not a bus window seat, a proper seat in the window - is there a proper expression for it I'm forgetting?

As I said, I've been wracking my brains to think of a good post for here for a while and nothing's come. I have to admit I don't feel totally comfortable sharing the personal stuff here, life is tiring and hectic and I'm just at a bit of a loss. Still, I can dredge something up, and force it out, yes I can. Especially in the interests of meeting new bloggers, like Darren and Darragh and Dolly and other possible D-nitialed people.

So when I was a child, my parents had a house in Rathmines they'd bought, discovered woodworm in and had to gut the place. When it was re-done, I had a room that felt huge to me, and big sash window with wooden shutters and long patchwork curtains my granny made, and a wooden window seat. You could sit there with the curtains shut and be in your own little den, just right for a little girl.

My mother would occaisionally leave a surprise under my pillow for me to wake up to, on one occasion a juicy purple plum, once memorably a note that said to look on the window sill, and there was a slice of pumpkin pie.

At the moment, my 11 month old is reluctantly settling into his cot. I admit, we left him in the bed way too long, he'd started to fall out, and sleep sideways and kick us in the head. Up til that it was nice having him there, though really the only reason we hadn't put the cot up was because I was too lazy to clear the space and my husband was too lazy to assemble it.

So he hasn't been too keen, despite being a fabulous self soother from an early age, he'd lost the knack. So what I've taken to doing is popping him in, and if he gets up and leans on the bars and grins at me, I just go behind the curtain. If I go out of the room he gets hysterical, so that will have to be the next phase. If I stay by his bedside, he just wants to play. So if I stand at the window, behind the curtain, he knows I'm there but there's no stimulation, he has a little whinge or a chat, listens to my voice, and tends to go lie down the bottom of the cot, facing the wrong way. I don't know why, but it's what he does :)

I have a book there, I can get a few minutes to have a quiet read and look out onto the trees, it's actually a little oasis. But I do wish there was a window seat, that would be perfect.


  1. I agree, a window seat would be very lovely. Shan & Mrs Shan can invite us over once their sunroom is done and it would be just as good.

  2. my little guy dies the wrong end of the cot upside down thing too, all the kids are doing it!