Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Light.....I didn't see it

A year or two back I eventually got my act together to set about replacing the bulb in the light inside my car which had been dead a while. Went to the local car parts shop and showed him the dud bulb and asked for a replacement. He came back a minute later with a fancy new one and said that'll be 50. I paniced and said I'd think about it. He gave me an odd look.

I went out to the car and said to my sister, the cheek of yer man trying to charge 50 euro for a bulb. My sister said, I think he meant 50 cent.

I was too embarrassed to go back in so I sent her. She got the bulb for 50 cent and the two of them had a good laugh over me while I lit up the car with my red face.


  1. You know in all these little vignettes Milan (oops!!! Almost used your real name there! How disasterous would that have been!) there's a whole novel.

  2. my two brake lights have been gone for a couple of months....fear of the garage keeps me away, they always sense my technophbia, probably cos I can't figure out how to open the bonnet of the car!And they charge me too much!