Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In honour of our newbie Whiter-than-White

Answers to Round One
I've been getting loads of slack for not being kind enough to our newbie to the fields (hint) so I'm going to let you away with it and fill in the blanks on our history for now, but I'll quiz ye all later. We missed out on our anniversary but at some later date I'll do a big fat 49£ quiz & we can all participate.

What is the chief employment of 49£ers?
We all work picking lima beans in the lima bean fields. It's hot and hard work but we do it for the glory of our leader. The benelovent One.
Points out of ten: 2

What is the name of the universe we work in?
The lima bean fields are in Blisstonia
Points out of ten: 5

What type of hams do we like?
We like man hams - see below.
Points out of ten: 5

What is SL's most common name?
SL is our Overlord. aka Herr Overlord. aka HO. aka Supreme Overlord. aka Benevolent Dictator. etc.
Points out of ten: 1

What is the most tabboo subject on 49£?
Jo let it slip there: Breast-feeding. I'm not inviting the subject, just stating. If you want to know more newbie WtW you'll have to look back yourself and say nothing.
Points out of ten: 2

Man Hams
Well in preparation and curiosity right now I decided to do a post by post search for the origin of the man-ham and am proud to say that I found it, where I failed to find it before, and I think it could be one of our best streams of commenting. A total classic from the old days.

But to build up the tension here's the backwards chronological build-up:

The man-ham interest culminated in my all encompassing man-hams post of 13 Feb.

General reference added in comments to a post by Atreus of 30 January.

Another casual comediac reference in a comment on a post by SL from 27 January.

And finally the origin of the species. 24 January. Idiot vs the Taxi-man.

I've copied out the comments here, for ease of reference:


jothemama said...

What a gracious loser you are. It's nice to see people are still having fun. I like your walking techniques.

aquaasho said...

That's deadly!

Milan Adenauer said...

That's classic Idiot. I got snared earlier by a taximan as I was dancing in the car to Mr. Brightside on the radio (both of us in cars in traffic on either side of Gardiner St). And the lights took ages to change. I gave him a wave as the cars pulled off.

Midget Wrangler said...

I love the "man hat" reference.....what other kind of hat would you be wearing.....? Pray tell?

Idiot said...

Well midge, what I said was "man bag". This is a leather bag that looks like a handbag but is actually designed for men :) Hats don't suit me. I w2ant an Epsom ham from Christies but it makes me look like a 50 year old wannabe.

Idiot said...

wow I can't type. I dont want a ham. I want a hat just in case you thought I was going of on a tangent

Midget Wrangler said...

I am always getting the wrong end of the stick cos I don't read things properly!!!! Really did think it was "man hat" Jesus! I have seen those "man bags" I remember that episode of Friends when Joey got one!

Actually how do men manage without handbags? As a mum to three kids I have lots of big handbags, but I have to admit most of th stuff in the bag will be mine.....seven or eight lipsticks, book, MP3 player, purse, notebook, pens, lip balm, mascara, huge bunch of keys, other sundry make up, tissues, blistex, the list goes on!

I used to carry my ex's heart in my bag but that's another story!

aileen said...

your dad really enjoyed that i had to pick him up of the floor

jothemama said...

Lol. Man-hat. Man-ham. The implications of lady-hams, and wearing hams in general.

I think a top hat or bowler might be classed as man hats. Maybe not, given the whole Lily Marlene, burlesque look, but in busines sense...

Milan Adenauer said...

man ham

jothemama said...

Perhaps you'd have to pronounce it man-m, like Hyham...

Someone Living said...

Prize to whichever one of us turns up at the blog awards wearing a man ham (that's up to your interpretation!)


  1. lmao - You're all mad!

    I had fully intended on going back to find the answers though. I'm having a busy week, so have not had the opportunity. I have a huge amount of reading to catch up on and it all starts here.

  2. Darren, seriosuly, she's a bit of a nazi when it comes to these things ;) Just smile and wave, boy. Smile and wave.