Wednesday, June 04, 2008

plogging again

Hi all, hope you don't mind, I thought as the blog is quiet I might advertise. I'm finished correcting now for the summer, thank god, it's nearly finished me.

So I'm resurrecting PĂ­osa Cake, my bake stall, and will be at St David's car boot sale in Greystones every second sunday, all going well. I'm not quite sure where else yet, but it's time I got the ball rolling!

Details of what, where and when will be available here. I'm planning to put up photos, what I'll be selling, baking experiences, ideas, recipes, whatever occurs.
My basic favourites are various chocolate chip cookies, brownies, biscuit cake, cupcakes and baked cheesecake. I'd also like to do cakes for parties. There is a whole world of cupcake wonder out there I want to be part of!


  1. Yes good luck. Too far away for me to go I'm afraid.

  2. I've stopped baking as my entire family overeats when I do. Yours looks great and best of luck with the sales!

  3. Hoorah! I hope this works out for you my dear, sounds like a sure fire winner to me, I have sampled your fare before and I have to say people would be mad not to buy!

    Now as payment for the fantastic review I just require a simple cheesecake.