Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wii Wii

As I said last week I went to Dublin and purchased a Wii (on impulse). the day after I came home I asked the husband to set it up I was exhausted after my trip. What a disaster , a few hours later i was informed that it was'nt working so there was a lot of sighing and growling so I got on my high horse and rang Gamestop complaining that it would'nt read the disc so the poor guy said very apologetically is the disc in correctly I answered quite indignitally of course it is so he told me to bring it back in.

Sent the husband off with a flea in his ear and waited. He arrived back looking quite embarressed well "I said" hand's on hip's he replied disc was in the wrong way, what a plonker (his word's). After I cooled down saying I have to do everything as usual we got it working. wow it's super, hubby and I bowl every night I think he get's annoyed when I beat him.

Anyway everyone I'm off to italy on friday for two weeks so I will let you know how I get on have to go and finish packing etc see you.


  1. 2nd person I know going to Italy this week. Ah me...

    Have a great time, Ails, mind out for the mosquitoes!

  2. Jo are you going to Italy too? You'll both be there for some of their Euro matches. The atmosphere will be great.

    Have a great time. I've already done my annual pilgrimage to Italy for this year.

  3. Italy - lucky you!

    ...and I was just as lazy as you bringing home my Wii. I handed my car keys to my kids, they went out and fetched the boxes, unpacked and my 13-year old had it up and running in under 15 minutes. And that included hooking up the fitness board that was an extra gadget I decided to go for. It is soooo much fun!