Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random voting power...

With all the ridiculous arguments etc that have been doing the rounds in our Lisbon Treaty era another one that means nothing is the argument that people should make an informed decision. This may be a moral view but the joy of living in a democracy and not meritocracy is that I can make voting decisions for whatever reason I want. This morning I exercised my own personal little autocracy. I made up my mind while playing with the string that attaches the pencil to the board and having a laugh with my sister. So I say vote, and do it for the most selfish and trivial reason possible.

The more trivial your reason for voting, the closer you get to being an absolute monarch.


  1. Flippant as that sounds, you may have hit on something. It's the small trivial things that we do everyday that make our minds up about everything. The Yes and No campaigners were happy to harp on about huge generalisations about the economy, the future of the EU, the potential for a unified Europe, but none of them managed to say what Lisbon would mean to each of us in our own daily lives.

    I don't think tomorrow would be any different for me had their been a YES vote rather than the (now inevitable) NO.

  2. Milan, it was as good a reason to vote either way as any I'd heard during the public debate.