Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waargh, I'm tearing my hair out over the yes/no vote

I've been reading Darren's adventures in Lisbon, and a reader friendly Yes vote pdf from and Rob's post and people on Twenty Major making sense, and Plasmonic's earlier posts - and the problem is that I see the good in all the arguments and I'm swayed by whatever I read last.
I think I'm going to go with no, and hope that whatever they come up with next is clearer to everyone and is an easier yes vote for everyone.
I was also tempted to cop out and not vote, but my daughter was asking me what voting is, and I have the opportunity to bring her down to where her Dad went to Primary school and let her post the ballot into the box, which seems a worthy thing to do. Plus I feel guilty about not exercising my vote. Though still conflicted about not knowing enough... and it all starts all over again.


  1. It's awful that you're not the only one who is lost by the whole thing. How did the Ref Commission get it so wrong?

  2. I feel like a bollocks. I did not vote. I honestly did not know what way to go.

  3. Ok, I just ran it past my clever friend, whose opinion I value, she feels that none of the no arguments I've read have any validity:

    Waiting for an updated version of the treaty is an enormous waste of time and money: we need Europe, we need to move on with an a compromise and not waste any more time with legislation, or nothing will ever get done.

    A no vote will be a mess, do we want to leave the EU? We do not.

    The problem is that the status quo is unworkable. It was designed for 15 countries, not 27.
    me: Yes, I've read a good idiot's guide to yes that gives those reasons, and it sounds very positive but I worry that it's only giving us hte good stuff.
    Sophia: So something has to be done. Lisbon is the best they've been able to come up with, no one has given me any good reason to think it's more flawed than any other such arrangement would be and the EU is a hugely important project.

    I dont' believe Lisbon gives any further substantial powers to take foreign policy decisions.
    The tax stuff is pretty much nonsense, although not nearly so much as the 'more capitalism' issue. Brussels is way, way, way more socialist than any Irish government in living memory.

    I said the US wasn't a great example, and that one EU govt with one president isn't necessarily going to work either:
    What's your alternative? At the moment, each country holds the Presidency for six months in turn, whcih is not exactly hyper efficient.
    An EU president is not going to have pretty much any of the same powers as the US president.

    Ah feck it, perhaps yes is the only realistic way forward... sorry Plasmonic...