Monday, July 21, 2008

3.51 in the morning.

I get a text from a number my phone doesn't recognise... this happens surprisingly regularly because of the new phone, and the sim, and my tense relationship with technology.

The phone beeps and I open it up and it says:

"Nite baby, actually brought Robin home (he's 38) and miss you. I love you."

I turn to the folk sitting beside me on the couch and say, oh look at this, there's much humming and hawing, and oh how strange, and then I promptly forget about it, and go back to dancing to Ratatat.

And then today flashback reminded me of it, and of this, but only in a glitchy techy way.

I can't believe i've only just thought of texting back now, and asking how Robin is.

I hope to hear some exciting news about someone I don't in fact know.

I love when these things happen.


  1. What are you doing up at 3.51 in the morning? That's way past my bed time.

  2. Emmm... I'm not sleeping so much, so I figure it's just as handy to be up and about.

    I've been thinking and this definitely isn't the Robin I know.