Monday, July 21, 2008

Insane mother

Driving home from work today I drove in to a proper summer rain. Thunder and lightning! with the rain coming down so hard I could hardly see the road (and to be honest I was looking more for next flash instead of the road). But as I was driving out to Mom's summerhouse where my kids are spending the week I was reminded of my own summer vacations. Me and my brother used to love being out in rain like this. We'd dress in Wellis, rain coats and swimwear and then run to the lake where we spent a long time running around in the rain before going into the water which was warm and nice.

My kids spent the day inside with Guitar Hero and SingStar. When I asked them if they wanted to go up to the lake and have a swim they asked me if I was insane.


  1. Cool rain story, dolly, I remember running out into one of those showers (we had no lake though).

    You should have thrown the kids out the door into it. What do they teach them in school these days?

  2. Mmmmmm used to love swimming in the rain in Silver strands.. never got that chill when you got out