Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fat Bottomed Girls

I took this extract from the Laura Hanna's article in The Mirror:-

Nightclub bans girls for being 'too fat'

A group of girls hoping to enjoy a fun night out were refused entry to a club - for being too fat.

Police were called to calm the situation after they say the manager told them to "go away and lose some weight".

Georgina Mason, 23, who was among the group, was left feeling "disgusted" by the ban.

She said: "About five or six or us got there about 11.30pm on Saturday and the bouncers said we were not allowed in because we were too big.

"I told them not to be ridiculous and asked to speak to the manager. He would not look at me directly but said they'd received too many complaints about fat people. He told me to 'go and lose some weight before you come in - fat people are bad for business'.
"I was disgusted he had the nerve to say this. My friend, who is only a size 14, was not allowed in either."

Helen Warner witnessed the storm outside the club.

Helen, who says she will never set foot in the club again, said: "I heard the manager say 'Go away and lose some weight, love'. I can't believe what happened."
Altogether, 20 women have complained to police and a Facebook protest page has been set up. But yesterday manager Martin Sayers defended his controversial decision.

He said: "We got a lot of people that I'd classify as morbidly obese and we were getting complaints.
"I am deeply apologetic but business is not good at the minute and I was trying to protect my business.
"If this highlights the problem of obesity, then perhaps some good has come of this.


  1. Fuck! Soon I won't be able to go to Coppers and shag svelte muscle off duty guards outside any more!

    I wonder where else I'll be banned from?

    Midge! You're needed! To the Fat Mobile!

  2. Ok, I know this was in jest as the original story was about a nightclub in Jersey, but I would question the wisdom of leaving the altered version up. Wouldn't imagine that the management of this particular institution would be too happy.

  3. they couldn't ban the fat birds from Coppers - there'd be nobody in there!

    Did you see the pictures from the (real) story in Jersey? They looked fairly scummy as opposed to fat. I work in two nightclubs and they would't getting in to either venue tbg

  4. Ah spoil sports!!!! But the CFJ story is so much funnier!

    Off to amend this.

    Poo on all of you!

  5. Coppers being picky about its clientele - hilarious! Coppers telling people to lose weight, scandalous! I hope they won't notice I've put on a few pounds travelling :(

  6. Whoa! just received a chainletter mail from a friend toting the copper face jacks part as being fact!

  7. the real story: