Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saved by Hasbro

So it looks like Hasbro have come for Scrabulous in Europe too.

I'm torn. I'd be very sad, but at least it interrupted the serious ass-kicking Darren was giving me, with charmed seven letter words, and triple words per go... he's like a man charmed, he should go on Countdown. Scrabbling Otter, more like.

So now I can pretend I was going to gain some ground before my ignominious defeat. And that he was using his IT skills to cheat somehow.

I can see why Hasbro are miffed, but not playing Scrabulous is not going to make me play more Scrabble. Or buy more boards than I have already. And if anything, I'd say Scrabulous was a rejuvenating force for Scrabble, introducing it to a new generation, getting people interested again.


  1. I came and went with scrabbulous but I do know some serious addicts. My sister is a real life scrabble addict, in a nerdy way.

  2. "The Scrabbling Otter" - I like it.

    Scrabulous seems to be back this morning though, so come back for your whipping.

    I promise there's been no cheating - I am actually that nerdish.