Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great news

Recently I have have had some wonderful news, I am to be a father again. Not exactly expected, but most pregnancies are in reality unplanned. My lovely girlfriend is also very happy if a little scared about the whole thing. Wow, can't believe it, to be a Dad again at 34. Just thought I would share with y'all!! :-)


  1. Oh that's fantastic news! Congratulations to you both. Absolutely wonderful!

    (Name him or her Darren)

  2. You say 'to be a dad again at 34' the same way people might say 'to be a dad again at 55'.

    Plenty of people have their first child at 34! Don't worry!

  3. yeah old man what's all this "father again at 34.....???" I'll be nearly fecking 36!!!!!! Jesus, eleven years between my eldest and my youngest! Also to clarify when you say "My lovely girlfriend is also very happy if a little bit scared", you obviously meant to say "My lovely, sexy, kind, gentle, intelligent girlfriend, queen of my heart (etc) is absolutely bloody terrified.....and of course happy"


  4. oh yes you're all of those things...and much more! x x

  5. Congrats congrats! Delighted for you both (and your already large brood!!!)

    And my Dad was 50 when I was born, you're only a young wan!