Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am a hormonal idiot!

I am awake, it's Saturday morning, seven am, kids are all asleep, boyfriend is asleep, I slept for exactly three hours in total last night and I am fucked! At six I finally decided to get up and go make myself some toast and a cup of tea as the nausea was killing me and my skin was itchy and my brain ticking away.....hormones!

I am only a couple of months pregnant and already I am in the land of the sleepless, not good, it has happened to me before, just my body's way of coping with what going on, the ramped up metabolism, the worries, needing to wee every 30 minutes....seriously how does my kidneys turn a tiny sip of water into two pints of wee? I am also preoccupied with the whole pregnancy thing, my two older kids know now, and are delighted, but my boyfriends kids and ex wife don't, so I am worried about the shit hitting the fan, also although my boyfriend has two kids they were both sections and I think a natural birth will be too much for him, too bloody, too much pain, too much bodily fluids? Last thing I want is to have to think about his feelings or how he is doing when I am in labour, I need to be as relaxed as possible. But he insists on being there, I don't know? Suggestions fro very realistic DVDs of birth? most of the TV documentaries have epiduralised women and not much gore or grunting!

So here I am, it's nearly time to get up and now I start to get sleepy again! I am going to try to get some relaxation books or tapes, even considering hypno birthing, as when I went to the doctor on Tuesday he told me my blood pressure is already high...not a good thing!

So the video, it's Betty Boo, I loved her as a teenager, I even emulated her style of dressing and wearing her hair! I know, I was strange!


  1. I think you should have a water baby....just because.

    As for sleep?? well, masturbation always helps me.

  2. I don't think I've said this before: congratulations!

  3. Hypnobirthing, very good. They give you a cd, mine had affirmations and relaxation on it. I have a good recomendation for you if you want to go to someone.

  4. And a birth is easier to watch than a section anyday. I saw both on a programme once, and the section nearlky made me sick. Ugh. Not nice. Not gentle...

    Don't write poor Plasmonic off. I will send him some literature to peruse.

  5. OMG! I loved Betty Boo when I was little.

    I thought the singer and Cartoon character where one in the same - I was very young.

    I had a brilliant Betty Boop watch that flipped up. I was broken hearted when it broke.

    Bring Back Betty!

  6. She hasn't gone away you know...

    "After her solo career floundered, Boo turned to songwriting and had success co-writing the song "Pure and Simple" for Hear’Say. She has also written for Girls Aloud, Louise Nurding, Dannii Minogue and The Tweenies."

  7. tweenies......fucking hell poor girl!

    Masturbation does help. But as my hormones are through the roof I am afraid if I do it anymore I'll break, that and sex, poor boyfriend has to do it with a randy angry woman!!!!

    Jo, I suppose the books could help, you might think (I do too) that the section was awful but he said it wasn't very bloody or you and I both know natural birth is bloody!