Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kali spera

Just got back home from Greece and I'm freezing and I realise, typing this, I have to cut my nails. No great stories to tell. Actually managed to stay away for two whole weeks and not have a conversation with anyone I didn't already know. Well, apart from what conversation it takes to check in and out of the room and get foods. My eyes are white, my tummy is tanned and I'm now going to enjoy reading two weeks of posts here. Nice to be back.


  1. Welcome back, next stop Dublin!

    You missed feck all here really pretty shitty 2 weeks on the blog!

  2. he's only joking, u missed the mad orgy the other night! Fuck it was brilliant.

  3. Dolly, we all hate you. Very much. 2 weeks holiday and a tanned tummy is far more than most of us will ever have here on the lima bean fields.

    However we love you too much to hate you, thus we shall sublimate it into envy for the moment.

    Yours in honesty.