Thursday, July 31, 2008

Right I need a head count!

So party time on Friday 8pm'ish and I need a head count, so far I have the following confirmed

Mrs Shan
Dolly (since she is staying with me)
Possibly Raptureponies

What about the rest of you. I know Daz and Lottie prefer Tom Waits, how sad, and will be unable to attend, Ails also cant make it due to work commitments, but come on guys, let me know, particularly you Voodoolady, this was also a party in your honour, dont let us down.

To all that have yet to let me know, please do so in the comments section, and mail SL for directions, you all have his mail addy!


  1. Can I let you know later today? I only copped onto this recently....apologies....

    Thanks Shan!

  2. Just change it to next Friday - that'll suit me much better. :)

  3. Hey now. Hush! I didn't say I preferred Tom Waits. I kind of feel that I am being carted along to ashtray face as a social experiment/cruel joke!

    When I first heard him he scared the beejesus out of me and still kind of does.

    Yes, Darren has subjected me to endless hours of his 354 Tom Waits playlist and some of it has grown on me like a nasty fungus but still......

    So while you lot are all off spanking each other and downing copious amounts of tequilla I will be .....well I pretty much be doing the same so never mind.

    Have fun!

  4. I'm afraid I am not in Dublin this weekend. Tis not in my honour, you are all just nosy about me!

  5. I'm raelly scared of tomorrow as I'm still hungover from being out Tuesday night! Been meaning to post something about getting older & hangovers but I can't think straight and words are hard to find at the moment. So sorry that everyone won't show and if I was in better shape I'd say that I'd have your drinks as well, but I can't. It makes me sick just thinking of it now.

    Also I never liked Tom Waits and now I like him even less. Hope you guys, D & L, will enjoy yourselves though.

    Looking forward to coming over eventhough I', flying out on the 6.20 AM flight :s

  6. Voodoo - it that just an excuse. Are you going to hide from us forever?

    Is it because of that youtube video of Shan and Idiot?

  7. So is this blog just a medium of communication for its contributors...because thats what it seems like...I feel like im reading your text messages.

  8. @Pauric I prefer to think of it as peering over your neighbours' hedge.

  9. @pauric - keep commenting and you could be hosting the next meet :)

  10. Voodoo I am very disappointed. Very very disappointed.

    I even bought in some black magic shit and all for you and now it has to be binned.

    Anyhow to all those unable to attend its a shame but ah well!

  11. we'll be there....I'll be asleep by nine thirty though!

  12. I'll be there! I'm mailing SL for directions now. I don't drink (angelic person that I am) but I do eat cake (devilish person that I am) so can I bring crumble?

  13. Midge - I'll be on the dry in solidarity with you, aka couldn't be arsed going southside without the gluastain.

  14. I think Shan doesn't really want us to go. He was supposed to text me the address 10 hours ago but still hasn't. Why do you mock me so Shanmeister?????

  15. Milan I apologise my phone, you know the one has died a sudden and really annoying death. Will you text SL he has all the details, as I am without phone untill tomorrow morn at the earliest and even then I dont think I will have everyones numbers.

  16. No guilt trip please! I promise I really am not around tonight but will admitt I'm not sure I would have come anyway - especially to someones house.

    Perhaps I could be tempted to the next public gathering..

  17. Jeeze Voodoolady! You think all of us are going to serial kill you?

    So far I've met: one girl in England from a sadly late Buffy forum, Midget Wrangler from her won blog, almost everyone from 49pounds and four guys from Twenty's blog (Twenty's blog of all places!) - and not once have I been raped, murdered, or even embarrassed. I've made a couple good friends though.

  18. Voodoo - it is a scary thing and the more neutral the venue the better I'd say.

  19. Ever been to a party in someone's house, when you didn't know them?

    As opposed to with people you've been talking to and reading about online for months?

    I feel sad! :(

  20. I know what you are saying Jo, but usually when I go to a random party I go with at least one person I know. It is just a bit weird to me!

    Anyway, as I said, the next public gathering, count me in.....I think!