Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dublin, it's good for robbin

I had the weirdest day in town yesterday. You know the way sometimes the alarm goes off when you leave a shop - maybe it's just a fault, or an item that wasn't de-tagged properly?

Well, try the alarm going off in SEVEN shops in the space of an hour, going in AND out of them. The worst was Easons as they have sensors in each floor. After I set the alarm off from Tower records an auld fella comes over and whispers in my ear - ' only two floors left love'. Clearly, I look like a robber. I still don't know what it was.

Apart from that, isn't it horrible when you get followed around shops where they think you're robbing? Again, I must have the look, I do get asked if I have a student card a lot aswell so it could be that.


  1. It is one of two things Voodoo. Your shoes or handbag. There are small tags on both that built in persay and do not always detag. They have also been known to come back to life after a bit of time.

  2. That's creepy. Perhaps you've been chipped, like in the x files.

    My husband got followed round a shop once, because he had long hair and a leather jacker.

    He started scooting round and ducking down behind shelves to psyche out the security guard, then popping up beside him. Hours of fun!

  3. no wonder Voodoo wanted to meet in a pub, where it's easier to fleece people and blame someone else.

  4. But think what she could have made off with from Shan's! The three ducks on the wall, the good silver they had out, Shan's crystal poodle collection alone would have fetched a pretty penny.