Saturday, August 02, 2008

So here we are

It's late, I'm tired after an extremely long week in work and a few late nights (thanks Shan, I only made the effort to go out last might because it was you) and my son's regular, soft breathing as he sleeps beside me is almost hypnotic. All of that and yet still here I am, here. Reinvigorated in my interest for our little world after we were all together in one room again.

I apologise for suggesting we commit blogicide on a show of hands. Blog Idol (where one of us gets voted off every week by public vote) still seems like a goer though.

I am deeply in awe of Idiot's ability to play that guitar game thing on Playstation. Darren? Less so ;)

I was, again, staggered by how easy we are in each other's company for people who mostly only interact here.

Shame the wanton debauchery was kept to an absolute minimum, particularly now that we're developing a reputation for being a flimsy front for a sex club. Must try harder next time :(

I am also starting the campaign for a night out strictly for the meeting of VoodooLady, even if just to prove to the disbelievers that she's not a figment of Milan's twisted imagination (you wouldn't put it past her now would you?)

Tonight my only other thought though is of the kindness of strangers. Sometimes the smallest good deed done by someone who doesn't really know you very well can transform your outlook, both in the opening of a door and in the glow it puts in your heart about the continuing essential goodness of human nature.

Something that can be in short supply these days.

My continuing love and dictatorial benevolence to you all x


  1. Personally I am so disappointed with last nights (or should I say two nights ago). I came for the sex. I came for the debauchery. I was sadly disappointed.

    All this mature adult intellectual conversation and debate. What's that all about? I didn't sign up for this.

  2. i agree with de Voodoo night out. No pressure.

    Lottie, it would get boring if it was all spanking and no chat.

  3. Despite our late arrival I actually had a fantastic time. Like SL says, it's brilliant how well we all get on despite the fact that we only barely know each other from here.

    I love this outlet. It's so very different from my own blog. I have been neglecting my blogging duties both here an don my own lately. But I hope to change that. My life has found a bit of a rhythm now, which should help. :)