Saturday, August 02, 2008

Internet Explorer doesn't like Blogger

Well, it seems like Blogger is hungover today. Some Blogger-sites are not working in IE but Firefox' Mozilla works just fine. Infantasia and Forninepounds won't work in IE, but others do so is a bit strange.

The problem has been reported by some user so help should be on its way.


  1. I am downloaded, but I feel uncomfortable. Partly because I still haven't reset the setting the baby undid yesterday :) How does he know??

  2. The problem is with sitemeter, they've updated some java script but the way they've gone about it is against browser standards, so IE can't parse it. Firefox is just ignoring the issue, so anyone who is trying to access a site that is using sitemeter should just use a different browser.

  3. I'm hating Firefox though. I have to download all sorts of plugins that won't download. And my Vista windows have suddenly disappeared.

    I like my Vista windows.