Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life is changing...

Life has changed lots for me over the last few of weeks. Big, irrevocable changes that I find hard to even think about fully so I can't yet bring myself to write about them. Putting them in a list or written format is just too scary at this stage. I'm hoping eventually I can blog about them but I'm still at the painful stage of emotions so I'll just leave it at that. Life has changed, it has been hard but it will get better. I'm fairly sure of that. I'm a week away from my Ironman event and while the training for that has seemed like the most important thing ever at the time, the event itself has now become a symbol of something else. Of me just holding it together enough to get through it. It shouldn't be like that but it probably will. Being strong is what it's about now.


  1. jaysus Ash I dont know what to say but knowing as much about you as I do, I imagine the pain you are going through must be immense, I hope you find the strength to cope with all this, I know you can and will.

  2. You know my thoughts are with you, you are so amazingly strong, and it will all be for the best!

    Sending you all my love!

  3. Hi Ash,

    I know that I haven't been around these parts for a while but I hope that everything works out ok for you.


  4. Thanks Shan and Midge. All is good. Special thanks to Mr.Pink for a lovely comment because we've never even met!