Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Star Spangled Spanners

Is this the face of popular America?

You have probably heard about the three men in custody after potential plot to assassinate Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama was uncovered.

I wonder if Obama makes it through the process in one piece and wins the crown, how long will he last with racist lunatic scum such as this having god-given, constitutionally sanctioned rights to sniper rifles?

There's a part of me that believes that the first African-American candidate is purely a form of appeasement. Having spent a few weeks in the US a number of years ago (I spent November 5th (the day of the last atrocity election) in New Orleans), I got the impression that despite "all men are created equal" and "the great American dream" what they meant to say was "all white men are equal" and the "great white American dream". I was a taken aback at the strong undertones of racism. One Fat-Cat-Bush voter on the plane from NY to NO actually used the "N" word - that trip is a few hours of my life I would rather forget.

"Well yes-sir-ey-bob I surely will vote for that loverly young coloured boy"

Obama has been received wonderfully in the polls. But then no-one wants to appear racist so they say what the pollers want to hear. With Hillary out of the running, the good American public have two choices - The young coloured boy who doesn't appear to know exactly what country he is from but he believes in the American dream or the geriatric war hero who fell for the original Barbie doll.

I hope the people have more nerve than I give them credit for but I think come election day the polls will be coloured Red.

I suppose the main question that irks me is if Obama has already been targeted for an assassination (*sorry) how the hell did Bush make it this long?


  1. I was just talking about this with my 81 year old democrat friend from Maryland.

    Hee, she was offered a date with someone's 89 year old uncle, and she said 'what are his politics' and rejected him out of hand when she heard he was a Bush supporter.

    She was saying she had to stop reading the election blogs after coming across so many DEMOCRATS who were voting for McCain because they were peeved about Hilary being out of the race. ????

    But in a country where they can still tie a man to a truck and drag him behing it til he dies, you'd believe anything.

    Oh yeah, it's great to be white :(

  2. Obama is far from perfect (still better that McCain), but it has nothing to do with his skin colour. These people who think that way are complete *Insert Expletive Here*.

  3. Very interesting entry. (Just found your blog through a link on Irish Blogs...)

    In my opinion Obama is the last hope the USA have to avoid a political and economical melt-down.
    Should the electorate in November be once again too stupid to see reality and elect another Republican, there is little hope left for America.

    The matter of a potential attempt on Obama's life has been on my own mind as well, ever since I predicted in early January that he would be the candidate of the Democratic Party.
    Given the way the USA are, this is sadly a constant possibility. And there are thousands of weird and brainwashed fanatics who could be used by the people who would like to see Obama dead.

    They are the same people and groups who were behind the murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

    And the reason why Bush is not in any danger himself is quite simple: His family is for a long time part of the ultra right-wing Military-Industrial Complex that would be behind any assassination (as they were behind the others).

  4. Hi Emerald islander - thanks for dropping by. I am not as au fait with the political issues as you are but I always enjoy the drama of the elections.

    I agree that further assassination attempts will be made and HATE crimes are the one of few crimes where I support the death penalty.

    All eyes will be on Obama should he win and he can either chose not to rock the boat or he can truly change the way America is perceived on the world stage.

  5. assignation [ass-sig-nay-shun]
    a secret arrangement to meet, esp. one between lovers.

    Not to be confused with assassination!!!

    (Sorry Lottie!)