Friday, September 05, 2008

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned

I am feeling a little Neroish the last few days blogging away oblivious to the mayhem around me. I joined the group just over a month ago now, mainly because I was invited (and honoured to be so) and I thought it would be nice to have somewhere safe to rant and moan and bitch away from the gates of my own blog.

From reading back over old posts in recent weeks it is clear that the dynamic of the group has changed dramatically. The formation of the Blog was through a network of friends and acquaintances who had long shared links and many with in a certain set of circumstances and at a similar point in their lives. I think a lot of this is down to the changes in circumstance of the contributors -and as it does- life changes and moves on.

As MM said "there's no reward in blogging other than the rush posting" and if people don't feel their heart is in it anymore then so be it.

I have really enjoyed posting in here and forming friendships with a number of the contributors and while I sincerely hope that SL doesn't pull the plug altogether, perhaps it it time to close the gates in the absence of the founding members.

I will be over at the other place until a decision is made one way or another as it just feels wrong posting in limbo. So if this is the end my friends, I've had a blast. I hope we can all keep in touch.

Lottie xxx


  1. It really wasn't set up with a group of people who knew eachother to that extent - I'd only ever met MW, if that when I started, and I assumed everyone knew eachother then too, but it wasn't the case.

    It may be that the dynamic is more lively when people don't know eachother as well, or online online, or whatever. I think you and Darren should stay and be the new mammy and daddy of lots of new posters, and keep it all alive.

  2. I don't post much anyway so not much of a stretch to stop. I don't see the point in keeping it going without the founders and it's clear no-one is very happy with the place of late.

  3. Voodoo the founders are SL and MW who are very much still here, from what I can see!

    Jo - I dunno if it should be handed down to someone else, I think as it stands here it is a great testament to everyone who took part and thats a hell of a lot of people over the year, and as Milan says will be great to look back on when we are in retirement homes, but at the end of the day the admin SL has the final say on what to do.

    This all started as a projector experiment in my opinion. SL has blogged for a long time and decided to speak to family, friends and friends of friends who did not blog to see if they wanted to join a community blog, the majority did, and have fallen by the wayside since. I personally only knew SL, I knew no one else and was asked because, like him I had blogged for years but hardly wrote, and never believed I could write on a blog, so he challenged me.

    Its because I think it was a project/experiment that rather then hand it down, it should shut up shop.

  4. Yes Lottie, yourself and Darren can become 'parents' again ;-).

  5. I don't really know what to say. I feel a little guilty for coming in and perhaps being one of the reasons for the change in the blog.

    While my own blogging has been sparse of late (due to a wonderful fun and hectic offline life), I would miss this place. Whenever I have posted here, it's been things that I haven't felt were right for my own blog. It's been good to have this additional outlet and if this place closed for good, I would miss it.

    I want to see it continue. Maybe the dynamic will change. Maybe more people will come in and start contributing. Maybe it will become some kind of online version of Pippa's house in Home and Away, where people stop in for a while before going off to pastures new, to have babies, to marry millionaires, to suffer from amnesia only to return as a different character...ahem, etc.

    Whatever happens, I'd love to be part of its future.

    SL, what do you think? Where are we going?

  6. Pippa's house! Yes!

    God, I love a Home and Away reference.

    Speaking for myself only Darren, I wasn't family or friends of friends, I was just another (newbie) blogger. I don't think you've anything to feel guilty for, you've given the blog lots of life and a diverse content. Pfft! Enough of that.